Health Benefits of Being Outside

If you love to garden than you also must spend a lot of times outdoors. During the winter months however, you probably feel more drained because you are not getting the health benefits of being outdoors. There are many health benefits to getting outdoors. From early spring into fall, being outside just rejuvenates your senses and boosts your over-all health. It is a scientific fact that being outdoors can benefit your health greatly. There is nothing like clean fresh air to free your mind of all the built-up clutter. Some of the proven health benefits of being outside include: improvement in eye health, increase exercise, enhanced sleep, increase in vitamin D, a boost in your psychological health, good ole fresh air, and grounding (bare skin on soil). In another article, it discussed some additional health benefits of spending more time outside such as: an improvement in your short-term memory, restoration of your mental energy, stress reduction, inflammation reduction, improvement in concentration, possible anti-cancer benefits, and boost in creativity.

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