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Encouragements to Join a Small Bible Study Group

People who go to church have somehow had the experience of joining a small Bible study group. Perhaps you are one of those who have had this wonderful opportunity. Joining a small group Bible study has its benefits which are only known to its attendees so if you haven’t tried joining one, you will not know what these benefits are. If you join a small group Bible study, you will be enjoy the benefits given below.

In a small group Bible study, you meet regularly with a small group of believers and have time and intimate fellowship with them. Finding time to make a significant connection with members of your church is difficult since there a many people attending church and the time is short to have any significant fellowship or connection with them.

In a small group Bible study, you are together with a few other believers studying the Word of God together. You have something in common with everyone in the group even if you have not had the chance to talk to them before or even if you don’t have much in common with them. It is possible to have a more deep and intimate fellowship because you are only few in number. Learning more about God and His Word is the goal of every attendee of a small group Bible study. This small group Bible study can be a venue for meeting new friends who can be your friends for life.

Being strengthened in your Christian faith is another benefit of joining a small group Bible study. Learning more about God’s word in your small group Bible study helps you gain a sense of God’s presence in your life more and more. The Lord blesses those who spend time getting to know His Word and obeying everything in it.

The relationship we have with God is very much like the relationship we have with people. You have to cultivate it. There has to be communication all the time for a better understanding of each other. In a small group Bible study, you will be able to fulfill these requirements for a healthy relationship with God and this will also strengthen the relationship you already have with Him.

The truly versed in the Bible can say Bible quotes even without looking at it. The knowledge of verses shown by these people are truly admirable. By studying the Bible and consistently meditating upon it, then you will realize how you can also say these verses by heart. Soon, it will always be in your mouth, and as the Scriptures say that from out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

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